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A mate described Dog is Dead as “Mystery Jets meets yacht rock”, and I think he may be right. This is a massive track that’s paired with an excellent video, perfect for summer fun. Their third single “Glockenspiel Song” is out from 23 July, while their debut album All Our Favourite Stories releases this autumn […]




For many of us, The Great Escape is the first thing that comes mind when discussing Brighton and Hove, but that’s not entirely fair to all of the quality bands who call East Sussex home. Whilst Lovepark hail from Burgess Hill in West Sussex, they’re not too far from the seaside and the town we […]

EAGULLS: new 12″



I can’t really be arsed to hunt down band biographical information anymore. Not sure if it’s the hip thing to not provide on one’s webpage, but it’s generally impossible to find for many bands anymore. Alas, this will be a short post. Local lads Eagulls play rough-edged garage/punk, and have quickly risen to the top […]




Whilst I think AlunaGeorge may be a little too hip and polished for me, I’m not afraid to admit that everything I’ve heard from them is well good. Their EP You Know You Like It is available now on iTunes and as a 12″ via TriAngle Records. It’s feels nice to step out of my […]

EXLOVERS: debut album



It’s been almost five years since London group Exlovers formed. Bands have formed, released albums, broken up, and then splintered off into other groups. In the world of music, five years is quite a long time. Whilst this may seem a little strange to some of us, perhaps the band is on to something. It’s […]

MY TIGER MY TIMING: new music & video details



Camp My Tiger My Timing has been quite busy in 2012. In between gigs in England and Germany, they’ve been working hard on new music, both their fifth single and debut album. Whilst it seems like only yesterday when we first heard their early demos, time really does move quickly when you’re enjoying yourself. Single […]

CHEW LIPS: new music



It’s been a few years since the whirlwind surrounding the early days of Chew Lips. Whilst it may have been merely my perception, it seems like they were everywhere in 2009. “Solo” was a track that I couldn’t escape, and at first, I was more than happy to incessantly bathe my ears with its rhythms. […]