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There are many positives to living alone. No rubbish from others to tidy, never having a row with anyone over how often his/her significant other is staying in the flat, and perhaps most importantly, getting to listen to what I want, when I want, and at the volume of my choosing. And this Sunday has been perfect for the latter.

With my quickly cooling cup of tea, I’m spending some time with the debut release from Church School. The group centres around Tom Johnson, who plays drums with the rather brilliant Tiny Birds, and additionally, has a Yorkshire connection as he went to uni here in Leeds and played in Streetlights.

Church School approaches their craft a bit differently. As Tom states it, the release is “a collection of four heart-on-sleeve indiepop songs in the style of bands like The Wave Pictures, The Moldy Peaches, and Belle and Sebastian”. Whilst there are influences from each of these acts strewn about the EP, there’s a singular voice that flows from track to track, one that properly balances fragility and power, never allowing either one to win out.

The EP, entitled Settle, is available for free on Church School’s Bandcamp page. Start with “Denning Point,” which has proven to be my favourite track so far, but that may have to do with my weakness for male/female vocals. Excuse me as I give the tune another very loud listen.

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