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Music hates you. Maybe it does, but I’ve been in many loveless relationships.

Quite a song, this. Although I have the PR material in front of me, not quite sure to the background of Dark Horses. What I do know is that Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno had a bit of an a-ha moment when he first heard the band whilst in South Africa. He was toying about with the CD, and much like the rest of us from time to time, the music was positively arresting. Sadly not everyone around him was as taken, as an armed response team demanded that he stop the “disturbing and unholy clamour”.

Perhaps it didn’t go down that way, but it makes for a bloody good story. Dark Horses toured with Kasabian on their last UK tour, which also included 2 nights at Wembley Arena, and now it seems that this just may be their time. Come 13 June the band is back in England, playing a gig at the Electrowerkz. The band, fronted by Swede Lisa Elle, are all dark gothic-tinged rock, like the Banshees raised on a diet of Krautrock.

The band’s debut album will be released in the autumn by Last Gang Entertainment. It was recorded in Chicago’s Key Club studios with Richard Fearless from Death In Vegas.

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