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It’s been a busy year for Runaround Kids – and it’s not quite June yet. Whilst we’ve covered the band quite in the last several months, there’s always something new to say, whether it’s a gig, festival appearance, or a new release. This time it’s the latter, a split EP with Dublin band We Are Losers. With each band responsible for three songs, they have plenty of time to display their own unique brand of fuzzed-out guitar pop.

By this point, Runaround Kids have become our best musical mates, quickly become one of the best that Wakefield has to offer. Their noisy, energetic fuzz-pop is love at first listen stuff, crossing the best parts of Johnny Foreigner and The Jam. New songs “Drinking History” and “Lesser Loved” are rather joyful romps, whilst the cover of their release-mates’ “The Narcissist” shows the band’s versatility.

We Are Losers are quite a different beast. Up until we laid hands on this release, they were foreign to us. The Irish group was brought together “by a shared love of weird pop music,cassette tape hiss and an all encompassing joy of being.” They started as a unit in late 2010, and linked up with Runaround Kids when they both played at Leeds Festival last year. Although at times they seem to be too straight-laced with beautiful harmonies and handclaps, they’re deft enough to lace each song with equal parts fuzz and sinisterness.

The split EP is out 9 July on Philophobia. Joint tour dates below. Additionally, Runarounds Kids are playing Long Division at the weekend. We’ll have a preview of that tomorrow.

27th June Twisted Pepper, Dublin
28th June Bourkes, Limerick
29th June Roisin Dubh, Galway

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