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(Photo by Gini Sheader)

Local group Hunting Bears, who have been knocking about for some time, were lucky enough to get a wee mention in the NME recently. Whilst “Dirty Projectors meets Bon Iver; with orchestral accompaniments” isn’t too far off from properly describing this five-piece, I reckon it doesn’t quite do them justice either. Digging deeper, there’s shades of Stevie Nicks, the expressiveness of Kate Bush, and the authenticity of Bruce Springsteen.

It may be quite easy to file this group amongst other folk-influenced acts like Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling, but that wouldn’t be fair. Like fellow Yorkshirites Ellen & the Escapades, they play music that fits them and it’s a sound they’ve arrived at all on their own. Their So Long EP – which is pay your own price on Bandcamp – is the cup of tea needed on a cold winter’s day. It warms the soul and keeps the mind at ease.

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