YORKSHIRE CLASSICS: the edsel auctioneer

Posted on 12/04/2012 by


Formed in 1988, The Edsel Auctioneer left an indelible footprint both locally and across the Atlantic. Whilst they’ve never reached the heights of some of the other bands from that era, like their mates the Pale Saints, the two albums they left us with remain well good listens.

Both of their albums, Simmer and The Good Music of…, showcase a group that is heavily influenced by acts like Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr., and My Bloody Valentine. The clip above, from Snub TV, is unique in the fact that you can see lead singer Aidan Winterburn attempting to stop security beating up his brother in the crowd.

Currently, Winterburn is a lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University. Phil Pettler and Chris Cooper now play in the pop-punk band Cyanide Pills, whilst Ashley Horner is a film-maker in Newcastle running Pinball Films.