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I’ve been intrigued with this band for some time. Obviously the mystery surrounding them had a lot to do with it, but between Manchester friends raving about them and early hints of their dark pop rock, I sensed very good things.

Yesterday I was proven right. While there was a bit of a snafu getting the music, once it arrived “Eleventh Hour” and “Shoot You” were exactly what I was looking for and more. While they’re an all-girl group, it’s not what defines them. In fact, it’s not the people that defines this group, it’s the music, and isn’t that what all of this is supposed to be about? We want music that’s going to strike us in some unique way, either by making us feel good or connecting us with some sort of shared experience.

Pins seem to get that. Their dark, brooding rock is fit for multiple listens. And they’re a group that many people are going to fall head over heels in love with.

The band’s debut gold tape is already sold out, but you can stop by their website and drop £1 for two tracks.

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