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DOWNLOAD: “Monster”

When I listen to Fever Fever, I feel like a teenager again. It’s nice to throw on one of their songs and forget all about adult responsibility and the like. Being an adult can be quite boring at times, but tracks like “Monster” and “Teeth” make me want to bang on my desk or head round to a sweaty, lager-soaked basement show. And that’s something these two ladies and lad understand. We all just want to feel young every now and then.

We recently had a quick chat with Rosie, who just returned from SXSW, which is essentially a five-day long sweaty, lager-soaked basement show, but spaced out over many city blocks.

1. Tell us about how you came together as a band. When did you realise things were getting serious?

We got together at a time when everything seemed to be sweet and twee, we just wanted to play loud music and have some fun. Which is what we do above all else. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we’re totally serious about our music, always have been.

2. Give us five words to describe your sound.

Rank. Majestic. Beautiful. Jazz. Fusion.

3. How does the community and city of Norwich effect your music and you as people?

A year or so ago we were heavily influenced by lots of Norwich bands. But as the venues shut down and the bands disappeared we found ourselves feeling less Norwich-centric. Which is good for us, but not great for the scene if that’s the way everyone feels.

4. What are your favourite things about gigs? Any memorable experiences you’d like to share? Any bands that you would really fancy playing with?

There’s nothing better than playing a great show and having people tell you that you’re brilliant. All musicians are attention seekers. Playing Glastonbury was amazing, we also played in an underground cinema in Toronto last year. We like a small, overly hot venue with beer, wine, and good times on tap.

There are tonnes of bands that we’d love to play with but mostly nice bands who play good music and have radical fans.

5. Say you were given a chance to ban a pop group from making music music. Who would it be and why?

Would never want to ban anyone from making music but I’d rather not hear another song by Embrace if I didn’t have to.

6. Lastly, you’re king/queen for a day. How would you positively change the music industry?

I’d sign the shit tonne of amazing bands that struggle so much financially that they have to give up before their time is done and they’ve fulfilled what they should creatively. It sucks.

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