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My memory must be going foggy because whilst I do remember Wintermute, many of the details have been lost. The time I first heard them, first saw them, and the specific date of their breakup are all lost – and the normally dependable internet isn’t a help either. They were quite the exciting lot with quite the potential to bring math rock to the masses, much like Foals did a few years back.

Early songs like “Danny Likes Scene Girls” and “Gambling or Playing Cards?” were massive, and excitement was all time high leading up to a never-released EP (on what would have been the now defunct On the Bone Records). But the venerable Big Scary Monsters stepped in the give a proper release to the dead brilliant Robot Works. In the months following it all fell apart, and I’m not quite sure why. At least we still have the tunes. Wintermute remain one of our favourite Yorkshire acts of the past decade.