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“Can’t Lose Lover”

I didn’t pay much attention to this lot until very recently, but this ace trio from Wakefield have got my full attention now. The tune “Cut Yr Losses” is one of my favourite tunes of the year so far, although it’s off of the album Linked Arms which saw a release last August. Those of you who call yourselves a fan of Johnny Foreigner, Los Campesinos!, or Dananananaykroyd, give these guys a try. They play an energetic, shouty U.S. college indie type, and judging by their gigs (which I have not seen yet), they’ve gained quite a reputation.

If I’m reading their Bandcamp page correctly, they have a new album out come 16 April which you can preorder now as a t-shirt or vinyl singles bundle.

Dates below.

06/04 The Hop Wakefield
11/04 Nation of Shopkeepers Leeds
21/04 The Orangery Wakefield
22/04 The Golden Fleece Nottingham

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