AUDIO ANTIHERO PRESENTS: some.alternate.universe

Posted on 27/02/2012 by


Nice to know that there are some good people left in this world. Count Jamie Volcano of Audio Antihero among them. For just £3.99, you can download the entire, 36-song “Some.Alternate.Universe” compilation and help raise money for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

Featuring a wide array of bands you’re likely familiar with, along with those that will be new to you. It is the sort of project that causes you to feel a little better about life when you pay a few extra quid. Entrants include Johnny Foreigner (“With Who, Who And What I’ve Got (Standard Rock)”), Fighting Kites (“Northern Territory”), Nosferatu D2 (“A Footnote” (demo)), Still Corners (Don’t Fall in Love”), Golden Glow (“Gum Down”), Oh Minnows (“Another Volunteer”), and Internet Forever (“Centre of Your Universe”).

It’s a proper way to begin the week.

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