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Perhaps it was just a Leeds thing, but This Et Al were legends in their day, playing a noisy and ramshackle brand of indie that unfortunately flew under many people’s radars. The group disbanded in 2008 after some internal disagreements. Drummer Steve Wilson played a bit with Dinosaur Pile-Up, but is now in a group down in the capital called Japanese Voyeurs. Bassist Gavin Bailey is now the frontman of the synthpop act Secret Circuits.

But now to the topic at hand. Lead singer Wu, the one of the almost falsetto, headed east to The Lodge in Bridlington with James Kenosha, holing up in a studio to create what would eventually become Stalking Horse. The resulting music was more restrained, more diverse, and to be honest, quite a brilliant next step for a musician who I’ve held in high regard. The live set-up includes Owen Brinley, once of Grammatics, a member of Duels, and Tommy Davidson (from These Monsters).

The band has two singles out, “Heathen Head, Howling Heart” (released on Too Pure!) and “Waterhole.” The Kenosha sessions bore the album Specters, which will be out sometime this year, according to this Drowned in Sound board post.

The band plays Sounds From the Other City on 06/05 in Salford.

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