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The worst part of running a blog is finding bio material on bands. It seems as though no one posts it on their sites anymore. And whilst I could reach out to managers, the lot mostly takes a fortnight to get back to us. Most of what we write about about around here is spur of the moment, mostly whatever we’re playing at the moment. So PRs, if you ask me nicely in the evening, I’ll likely write about your band.

After an hour of searching, I finally came across a nice interview with ∆ (Alt-J) from The National Student. It gives a good peak into a band who started to make the rounds last year, but will more than likely be caught up in a giant wave of buzz by the end of 2012 (at which point the NME will claim to never have liked them).

Right now there’s plenty of stuff going on for the quartet, who met here in the city whilst studying at Leeds University. They’ve signed to Infectious and are releasing single “Fitzpleasure” on 27 February, with an album to follow in a few months time. They kick off a tour tonight in Norwich with dates all over the country and the continent, including support slots for Ghostpoet, Wild Beasts, and Big Deal. Full list can be found on their Facebook, with the only Leeds date being Live at Leeds on 5 May, although they will be in Sheffield and Manchester.

Make sure you go to their homepage, turn the lights out, tick the fifth option on the bottom, and listen to their demo on repeat.

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