BLOOD RED SHOES: new album

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I’ve been with Blood Red Shoes since the beginning. I anticipated the first single, I hoped that the first album lived up to the hype, and I wanted to see each and every gig the band played. Now it’s time for the third album. Is this when we start calling them a veteran act?

“Cold,” the new song from Blood Red Shoes, reminds me of the first time I heard “Colours Fade,” the lead track off of Fire Like This. I wasn’t impressed, but I knew by that point in my relationship with the band that I had to give it time.

Once I gave it time, I was impressed. The same can be said for the entire sophomore disc. It’s an album in every sense of the word. It’s connected. It flows well together. It even feels like it play well on vinyl. Maybe I’ll get on that.

Despite the mean thing I said about the artwork for the band’s third album, In Time To Voices (out 26 March on V2), I am genuinely excited for its release. And I apologise for my comment about the artwork.

Check out “Cold” here:

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