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“Wojtek the Bear”

I enjoy waking up early. Not to say that I do it all of the time, but when I do, it’s refreshing. I’ll work out, have a cup of tea, read the newspaper (online, of course), and ease into my day. The snooze button is the devil, and the more you hit it, the worse your day will be.

I may be late on Fighting Kites – an instrumental outfit on Audio Antihero – but the band’s “Wojtek the Bear” (from a split EP with Broken Shoulder) is primed to be my new wake up tune. It’s a gently rolling composition that gently pushes, rather than forcing the point. Most importantly though, it’s the type of tune that can stand on its own legs without lyrics.

Once again, Audio Antihero has changed my life. For the better.

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