dusting off those old records: HELP SHE CAN’T SWIM

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Thanks to the shuffle function, “Hospital Drama” from Help She Can’t Swim popped up on iPod a few days ago. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of this video – it makes them out to be a little too emo/goth for my tastes, although one may wonder exactly what type of band they are with lines like “I went to the party spelled p.i.t.y.”

Whether you’re feeling angsty or not, both of the band’s albums contain some quality tracks, although they really started to hit their stride on the second disc The Death of Nightlife. If anything, they were an art rock outfits whose few angsty moments were latched onto a by average music journalists.

The band broke up in 2008, stating on their MySpace page (remember MySpace??) “There are a lot of things that the four of us need to do personally that being in the band does not allow. We have had an amazing time being in HSCS; we got to release our music, tour, play shows with some great bands and met lots of lovely people.”

According to Wikipedia, the former members of HSCS have been keeping busy:

Following the split members of the band have gone on to form new projects. Tom Denney released solo material under the name Lonely Ghosts. Leesey Frances also contributed vocals and clarinet to tracks on the Lonely Ghosts album and mini-album, as well as performing at live shows. Denney has also formed the band Soft Arrows with ex-members of My Device and plays guitar in the lives shows for NULLIFIER. Lewis Baker played in indie-pop band Spaghetti Anywhere and now plays in Colours and Warm Brains.

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