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What strikes me about Bournemouth band Rapids! is their simple aversion to whatever-the-fuck is going on in the pages of the NME of these days (ahem, boring as fuck lo-fi shite) by just doing their own thing. Whilst Foals may be an easy touchstone, Northern groups like Kubichek!, Wintermute and Dartz! (all broken up) are the true sonic matches. It’s catchy math-pop with all of the angular hooks you know and love.

This summer sees two new releases from the band from Heist or Hit.  Double A-side ‘Comets / House Of Sand And Fog’ will be released digitally on 11 July, followed by a physical release of the Fragments EP on 15 August.

These blokes could be one of the best new finds of the year.

Rapids! “Comets”

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