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If I were to say something like, “I’ve been onto Is Tropical for awhile now,” I’d probably come off as a pretentious indie fuck. Fact is though that it’s true, and you can’t argue with the facts. Seeing that this video has well north of one million views is good for the band. I’m quite happy for them and their marketing team.

Whilst this video is a tad (a lot) disturbing, it’s also really fucking brilliant. Simple, yet memorable, fitting in perfectly with the greater Is Tropical story.

Their debut album, Native to, is out on 13 June through Kitsune Maison. You can stream it in its entirety here. The band is playing a bunch of gigs to celebrate the release of their debut, including one last night in Paris which I’m sure was mind-blowing.

11 June – Art Rock 2011 – Saint-Brieuc – Cotes D’Armour, France
17 June – XOYO – London, UK (Album Launch Party)
18 June – Strelka Institute – Moscow, Russia
28 June – Hana Bi – Ravenna, Italy
30 June – La Bibliotechina – Roma, Italy
7 July – Les Ardentes Festival – Liège, Belgium
22 July – Festival Le Chante De Foire – Bournezeau, France
30 July – Emmaboda Festival – Emmaboda, Sweden
5 August – Underage Festival – London, UK
13 August – Docksville Festival – Hamburg, Germany

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