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I’m sorry to say that I’ve never been to Brazil. Whilst this tropical paradise intrigues me, it’s difficult to really imagine what it’s like to live there. Much like when I cover bands from other exotic locales like New Zealand, Estonia, and Finland, in lieu of an actual holiday there, the music will have to suffice.

The music of Strausz is primarily instrumental. There is some semblance of vocals, but not much – and admittedly it was tough for me to get past that. But the more time I’ve spent with his EP Zombies are Making Love, the more I’ve been rewarded. Being that he started tinkering with music when he was just a 7-year old lad, he’s got years on the rest of us, meaning that he’s pushed the musical envelope awfully far already.

Strausz “ACT V Zombies Just Wanna Make Love”

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