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Serious real life stuff has been keeping me busy as of late. Things really aren’t “serious” as in death or tragedy, it’s just that I am a terrible person who likes to sleep a little too much. Rest assured promo people, I am going through your music and silently judging it.

The wonderful folks down at Young and Lost Club sent me an email recently with “Shout Out Louds” in the subject line. I thought it was something new from the band, but instead it’s a from a side project called Serenades, which features lead singer Adam Olenius with fellow Swede Markus Krunegård. “Birds” is fucking epic – it’s like summertime exploding all over your face. Without the rain, of course.

You can download the track via their homepage for free.

A four track EP is out now In Sweden, which you’ll be able to find at London Rough Trade stores soon.

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