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Those of you with a bit of a memory may remember the Fleet-based group Arthur. While the name is a bit innocuous, the music was anything but ordinary, but unfortunately they toiled away in obscurity for a few years before breaking up. The frontperson of that group was none other than Hannah Clark, who has recorded under the name Hannah Shark, and now as the hotly-tipped (???!!) FOE.

Saying that this is her most fully-realised project, while true, is just useless hyperbole. As Clark gains experience, she’s become a much stronger songwriter who is able to constantly expand the borders of her own creativity without losing the plot. The music on her latest EP New Hot Trash is a one-two punch of sweet and sinister that’s further rendered brilliant by the production of Entrepreneurs.  There’s something very special happening in Hampshire indeed.

Nab your very own copy of the EP from the geniuses at Stella Mortos.

BONUS: Check out a FOE cover of “Serve the Servants” (Nirvana)

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