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Funny stuff. There have been several times over the past few years I’ve tweeted to no one in particular about Tom Vek’s whereabouts. It was usually something like “Where is Tom Vek?” or “Is Tom Vek dead?” or something equally obnoxious. Part of me thought he was plugging away at that sophomore release, ever the perfectionist, but the pessimist in me always felt that he gave it up, throwing his hands in the air, and walking away from it all because he couldn’t live up to the masterpiece that is We Have Sound.

We’re six years on and we finally got the good news, and as evidenced by those I follow on Twitter, I was not the only one who was anxiously awaiting Vek’s next move.  So now we know what’s next – according to Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, he’ll be playing the new single “A Chore” on Monday, April 18th.  The track is taken from the new album Leisure Seizure.

If Vek had stuck to a more traditional album release cycle he may have been washed up and NME joke fodder by now, but that’s something we’ll never know.  We can revel in the fact that he’s back with more brilliant music on the way.  A clip from the new track is below.

Tom Vek “A Chore” (edit) – courtesy of This is Fake DIY

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