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I was initially led to Big Deal late last year because Alice Costelloe, who’s one half of the duo, formerly played in the quite enjoyable Pull in Emergency. Despite that, Big Deal were a let down. I’m not sure if it was expectations, the fact that the other half of the group had some creepy John Waters thing going on, or what, but I was let down and immediately filed the group away.

A few weeks ago “Locked Up” popped up on my iTunes and it finally hit me. While the band is nothing like PIE, they do have a youthful exuberance about them but they accomplish it in an entirely different fashion. The songs are lazy, bare bones, and disheveled. It’s this spacey fragility that leaves you wanting more.

Their latest single “Talk” came out on Moshi Moshi last week, which you can listen to below.

Big Deal “Talk”

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