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Perhaps I’ve had my head buried in the sand, or are these some exciting times right now for Finnish indie rock groups? Since covering Neufvoin last month I’ve been hit by a steady stream of very impressive bands from the Nordic nation.

I should warn you – The Friend are not quite as out there or genre-pushing as some of the groups I’ve covered recently, but “New Berlin Wall” is quirky enough for repeated listens. As stated in their bio, “they play melodic and eloquent indie rock music with a purpose of bringing joy and good times to peoples’ lives.” Plenty of joy here.

Debut album Athletic Girls came out earlier this year – take a look-see at iTunes to download those tracks.

Gigs (Finland only):
15/04/2011 Klubi, Tampere (TAF-klubi)
28/04/2011 Torvi, Lahti (+Lucy Was Driving, +Neufvoin)
29/04/2011 Bar Volum, Salo
30/04/2011 Dynamo, Turku

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