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Although I just downloaded it last night, a few tracks from the second Tough Love Records label sampler are starting to stand out.  “Single Printed Name,” a tune off of the surely excellent new Cymbals album has been stuck in my head for days and ending the collection is “Strawberry Adore,” from the always quality Lonely Galaxy.  And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Kotki Dwa, a band that has never experienced the attention which they deserve.

The tracklisting looks sort of like this:
CYMBALS – “Single Printed Name”
Girls Names – “I Don’t Mind”
Weird Dreams – “A Month Full of Mondays”
Lazy Hurricane – “Heartswordsfire”
Welcome Back Sailors– “Love’s The Answer, Blame It (Dream Cop remix)”
Please – “Pass The Apple”
Charles Hurts – “Guess Again”
Sea Pinks – “Ode to Joe”
kotki dwa – “I Scream”
Childhood – “No Words”
Conquering Animal Sound – “Flinch (Dam Mantle remix)”
Simple Eyes – “Floating Teeth”
Lonely Galaxy – “Strawberry Adore”

The standouts are highlighted for you lazy people.

Outside of Kotki Dwa, nothing on the sampler grabs me as much as the label’s past artists, like Situationists or Favours for Sailors, but it’s worth a listen for those that can get past the tedium of lo-fi. Download the entire thing from the futuristic Soundcloud link below.

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