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I’ve become used to bands breaking up in their infancy – it seems to happen a lot lately, or at least with bands that I’ve latched on to. Northampton group NewIslands may have only been around for a short time, but boy did they ever burn bright. Their one officially release single, “Out of Time,” and smattering of demos are some of my favorite tunes of the past few years.

While that band is no longer, a few of the guys have carried on as dark-pop outfit Strangers.  While they’ve been a little mysterious, we do know a few things: their debut EP is out now in the UK (listen to it below) and they’re working on their first full-length now with Glen Nicholls (aka Future Funk Squad).

This may not be NewIslands: The Sequel, but it does mark a logical and welcome progression.  While there’s been references to the Pet Shop Boys thrown around, that’s likely selling the band a bit short.  Although we’ll have to wait awhile for new music, something tells me that they have something special up their sleeves.

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