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Although rainy days may force one to cancel plans, they’re still productive nonetheless.  Would I have written this blog post otherwise?  Probably not.  So there you go: productivity!

Stagecoach drummer Matt Emery has been getting a lot of internet ink over the past few weeks with this new project called “Pulled Apart By Matt Emery.”  On the surface it may seem a bit gimmicky – acoustic or acapella versions of hit Pulled Apart By Horses songs – but once you start digging a bit deeper, it’s obvious that Mr. Emery is on to something quite special.

While the Leeds-based Pulled Apart By Horses are all screaming vocals and buzzsaw guitars, Emery’s take on their songs bring out a warmth and preciousness that most didn’t even know was there, the band included.  If I said that I can’t stop listening to this (totally free!) EP, I wouldn’t be lying, because I can’t stop listening to this EP.  It’s made me like PABH originals even more, delve more into the work of Stagecoach, and most importantly, realize that Emery is a musician to be reckoned with in his own right.

Download the entire thing here.

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