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I was in Texas last week for SXSW.  A lot of good bands played SXSW.  SXSW is still a waste of money.  Here is why, in list form:

1. There’s too many people there.  This has nothing to do with it being a popular event and all to do with utter practicality.  I need room to breathe.  I need solitude from time to time.  Things were just out of control.

2. The Fader Fort is stupid.  Yeah, a lot of good bands played.  Am I waiting in line for two hours for a wristband before I then go wait in line for another two hours to see a band?  No.  There’s too many good bands for me to waste my time to get into your super cool fort.

3. Most importantly, SXSW has lost its a way as a true forum for exciting up-and-coming artists.  While I like Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli, the real reason I trek down to Austin every year is for the new music.  There are too many parties booking the same buzz bands and not taking real chances on new artists.  Isn’t that the whole point of SXSW?

Finnish group Neufvoin are the exact type of group that would have fit in perfectly in Austin this year.  In this post-Joy Formidable world where the ’90s are cool again (were they ever not cool?), this five-piece is looking back without even the slightest shred of ironic nostalgia.  They’re celebrating sonic washes and shoegaze-infused dreamscapes – the truly great ones that will never go out of style.

Excuse me while I go petition SXSW to let them play next year.

“Drunken Captain” is off of the new EP, Fake Musket.  Check out this link for a free download.

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